On April 7th, 2018 users reported that when they completed a trade, some or all of the items in the trade went back on sale for the original price. After two known instances of this happening (one accidental and one purposeful) the ability to trade was temporarily disabled for maintenance. Within two hours of the bug being discovered and reported to staff, it was fixed and trading resumed. The bug was found when user Studio went to sell his poor mans bok and opened it's page to notice there was one in stock, he said this on the discord and then users started reporting seeing other items still on sale.


MahBucket traded a number of small items for Noob Alert with alexh303. The trade was accepted and alexh303 received the items he was intended to receive but MahBucket did not. It was quickly realised that the Noob Alert had been placed back on sale for the original price of 10 bucks. Upon realisation, PickleTickler purchased it. Although the Noob Alert included in the trade had serial #3, PickleTickler received serial #26 because Noob Alert had an original stock of 25, making this the 26th purchase.


To test the bug, FireCatMagic traded an item between his main and alternate accounts. The item, Ghost Costume, came out of a Halloween gift and therefore didn't have an original sale price so, when the trade completed, one Ghost Costume appeared in stock but was not purchasable. Shortly after, the Ghost Costume was returned to him.
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Ghost costume with 1 remaining.