Ratatooie is the first rat chef on Brick-Hill, and he owns the group "Ze Rats".

He is a very helpful user, and he donates whenever he can to those in need of some extra funds.

Along with users like Cloth, Zangoose, and Fighterfist, he owns the Young Bean hat.

He received the Saint Brick on 12/03/17.

Ratatooie operates and uploads to a YouTube channel


  • He gets his name from the Disney movie "Ratatouille."
  • He enjoys playing Super Mario 64.
  • He donated $15.00 to get into beta.
  • He loves to cook!
  • He used to have the most forum posts
  • his most popular set is "ratatooies Hangout"

Fun Facts:

Ratatooie was the first Brick-Hill youtuber!