This is a deleted item
Declined This is a deleted item from the Shop. Please don't add false info.

The Patriotic Tetramino Of Terror was an item to "spook" other players, because they were spamming "I actually would want a gold tetramino" because they did not want coal from the Stocking gift, they wanted a gold Tetramino instead. It was uploaded as a T-Shirt by Jefemy, and it wasn't a regular T-Shirt because it looked like a hat, while T-Shirts are only for decorating the front part of the torso. Its Madness actually caused it to be uploaded, as he made the idea of everyone say they wanted a "gold Tetramino" instead of "blueham's Coal". Its Madness made a forum post, linking to some images uploaded on CubeUpload, as well as the shop storage image. This item was not bought by anyone.


  • This item is now called "sorry typo".
  • This item is ironically a T-Shirt, because it looks like a hat.
  • This is the first Tetramino item to released.
  • This item does not exist anymore.
  • It costed Buck20 (20 bucks).