Ole is the first Norwegian user on Brick-Hill. He mainly specializes in houses, but also does plants and other decorative builds. Ole is one of five, to win the "Shoulder Parrot" hat in the Summer Building Contest 2017, one of six to win the "Shoulder Bat" hat in the Halloween Building Contest 2017 and one of six to win the "Ice Trophy" in the Winter Building Contest 2017/18. He is a Brick-Hill youtuber. He has also been nominated for "Best Builder", "Best Set" and "Most Helpful Video" in the 2017 Brick-Hill Awards.

Ole's Sets

Ole has created a bunch of different and detailed sets. He has created the map for the game "Battle of the Bricks", and buildt the 10k celebration set along with Cloth, which is viewable on brick-lukes profile.


●Ole was a coin farmer and bought a ghost costume for 350 bucks to get BrickHilliiswerid Falsely Banned, due to a moderation bot

●Ole is 15 years old, as depicted on his profile. His real name is Ole Andree

●Ole came from ROBLOX. He is still active there under the username: o1234567890

●He owns several rare items like "Floppy Head" and all of the contest items.

●He is a tester, and has tested the workshop and client before release.

He got the "Young Bean" because of this.

Mansion cool
Pirate wars

Ole's sets"Pirate Wars" and "Ole's Mansion 2"