Fighterfist is a player on Brick-Hill who joined from a giveaway on the Brick-Hill twitter account. After checking out the site on and off for a few months, he finally regained activity in December 2017. He is known to mainly use the discord, rather than the forums. Along with users like Ole, Cloth, and Zangoose, he owns the Young Bean. It was gifted to him by Egg on 1/29/18.


  • His #8 cyclops was gained from a giveaway on the official Brick-Hill twitter account. While many have tried to trade for the cyclops, none have succeeded. He says that he intends to keep it until further notice.
  • He currently owns 15 specials which add up to about 11.6k in value, and he has only completed ONE trade. This was with Zangoose, where he traded his blushing face for bricksetti shades.
  • He shares the same username on Roblox. It was made as a combination of fighter, as in "tie fighter" from star wars, and fist, because of his love for fighting games, such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • In real life, Fighterfist enjoys acting at school, and as a past-time.
  • He almost missed the Poor-Man's Bok, waking up and grabbing the last copy.
  • On the discord, he has posted a large amount of egg suggestions for the Egg Hunt 2018 in the #Egg-Ideas channel.
  • He hopes to be a moderator or asset creator in the future.