Count Sponkbaber is the scariest yote on Brick Hill, even surpassing Count Blockula. You don't want to meet him. He is very sly and will find a way to deceive you, no matter what you do!

Count Sponkbaber resembles spacebuilder, but in a vampire suit. It is said that he is the arch-rival of spacebuilder, others claim they are the same entity, see below for the undeniable evidence!


The name "sponkbaber" originates from, when spacebuilder named himself "sponkbaber". After which, people began calling spacebuilder "sponkbaber" as a nickname, to which the alias was created.


spacebuilder under the alias "sponkbaber".

As this took place on October 2017, spacebuilder was dressed in vampire attire. Both this and the nickname birthed Count Sponkbaber.

Spacebuilder revealing his connection with Sponkbaber to Leon. [Recovered from top secret files in 2017].


  • Count Sponkbaber doesn't own any of the items he is wearing, further showing his adept ability in legerdemain and trickery.
  • He joined on October 31st 2017, which is when Halloween takes place.
  • He is VERY scary!
  • He bribed blueham into trading a rabbit foot for two golden mushrooms. Blueham got over the loss but still remains regretful and sad.
  • Count Sponkbaber is allegedly spacebuilder in disguise. There is already very strong evidence to support these claims.
  • It is believed that he is the heir to all the riches of Transylvania. Threatens to spend it on retro video games and to invest some in his latest SponkCoin.