"Brick Hill and Sons' Dependable Discord" is the name of Brick-Hill's (unofficial) Discord. The link to join the discord is


A cropped and edited screenshot of the Brick Hill Discord server on the 25th January 2018.

Although having been created in December 2016, the Brick Hill discord was verified by Discord on the 17th November 2017 (top left of image), meaning it is able to have a custom link, as written above.

There used to be a secret chat only for beta users, but was removed many months later due to its inactivity.

The server uses 5 different Discord bots, for music, logs for staff, and for a levelling up system for more active users. The leaderboard for the Discord is:


  • A #memes channel was made along with a Meme Master rank before being deleted around 15 minutes later
  • Similar to the channel previously mentioned, there was a channel dedicated to approving / declining uploaded assets called #accept-or-decline. It was removed after about 15 minutes.
  • For a brief period of time, a #pokemon channel was made. It was deleted briefly after. An accompanying rank was also created, sharing a similar colour to that of the brick saint rank. Only 2 non staff members were ever given access to this channel before deletion, one of whom being Prevent.