Brick Hill's Murder Mystery

Brick Hill's Murder Mystery is the 2018 Halloween event game, its a murder mystery in a big mansion.

Murder mystery


role weapon how to play

innocent none find out who the murderer is
murderer knife kill innocents and dont get caught


each round there are five nights, each night lasting 2 minutes after each night all the players vote who they think is murderer(the murderer can also vote). the most voted


name image description how to get

Count Sponkbaber Voodoo Doll

Voodoo doll
What evil lurks in the air tonight? Ominous magic controls the action of a quirky vampire tonight!  Enter the closet in the last room of the second floor.

Mysterious Dagger

I wonder what culprits will reveal themselves... I'm sure we'll only have to wait and see!  Join the game.

Beguiled Fedora

Halloween fedora
Pfa! What a conundrum, my hat is all bloody! 
Touch the hat stand.

Magnifying Glass

Magnifing glass
My, my, what do I see? Looks like you've found out who murdered me!  Vote for the murderer.

Lord Absent's Helm

Knight helm
Aye, ye want to parley, eh? Well, you have chosen the wrong knight, my friend, for I am never around!  Enter through a secret wall and touch the knight statue.

Zombified Egg

Zombie egg
Yolks.... yolks.....!!!  The egg has a small chance of spawning in the kitchen.

Killer's Face

Scream face
Arrrghhhh! You truly are a master of disguise - not a soul has survived your wrath today!  As the murderer, kill everyone without being caught.


Whoa... what did I miss?  Survive one night.


  • although not really a bug, after each round the game crashes and spacebuilder has to host the game again. this has been patched by reducing max players in a server

Fake Wall Hiding Spots

  • behind the big picture on the second floor
  • behind the closets in the rooms
  • behind the middle book shelf in the room with the stairs
  • in the area between the knight statue room and the staircase with the fake wall