About this Player

Arm is a user of Brick-Hill who joined 2017-10-11. When Arm first joined, Ratatooie was his first friend. He spends his time foruming and he enjoys listening to some country and classic rock. When he first joined, he classified himself as Bonky Arm the Clown, as he still does.


He has had plenty of appearances over the months, mostly Bonky Arm the Clown. Recently, although he still refers himself as Bonky Arm the Clown, has now made himself look like Thanos.

Original Bonky Arm the Clown:

Modern Bonky Arm the Clown:

Arm's Thanos:

Forum Posts

As of 2018-9-10, Arm has reached 175 forum posts and is slowly getting more and more. Arm posts around 10 forums posts a day, which is not that many compared to other users.


Arm was orignally going to take the name Leg, but since it was taken he decided to take Arm.
Arm has fun making jokely poorly drawn portraits of himself or others.
Arm has made a entire family tree with the name of body parts. As in Lonky Foot the Killer Clown, Honky Leg the  Mine, Uncle Fonk, Konky Ear the Nice Clown (thanks ratatooie,) and many others.