Ace Fedora is a hat on Brick Hill. It is one of six items given to users who bought ace membership after 2018/12/31. The price of the fedora varies from $8.99 (USD) to $86.99 (USD) depending on which amount of time the user bought ace for. Even after the user's membership expires, the fedora will still remain in their inventory.


Gifted to those who purchased Ace Membership.

Old Fedora

The first Ace Fedora was uploaded on 2017/04/13 and was retired on 2018/12/31. The fedora looked somewhat similar to the Brick-Luke's Fedora except for the red band right above the brim of the fedora. on 2018/12/19, the fedora was put out of circulation and replaced by its successor by the same name. the fedora now sits at 60 owners and is not known if it will become a special in the near future.


2019- now Ace Fedora.


2017-2018 Ace Fedora.